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Hi, I’m Emma.

I strive to craft stories, create and manage content, and provide editorial and innovative services in the nonprofit sector. My mission is to showcase people and organizations that create real social change, connecting them with resources to expand impact and engagement. 

About Me.

I am confident in my ability to create video, audio, and other digital content for brands and businesses. My life, education, and work, shaped in the age of social media, have provided me with advanced skills and immense interest in the realm of digital content creation.

I am passionate about the nonprofit world and am strongly committed to using my communications skills to aid projects and corporations that help people in my communities. As a queer person, I have a particular interest in working for and with nonprofits that help LGBTQ+ populations. My schooling has provided me with the unique experience to work intimately with nonprofits to improve their communications and social media presence. I have also created digital content and press to improve the function and outreach of nonprofits.

As a journalist and human, I strive to be ethical, responsible, and truthful in all of my work and life. All work in this portfolio is my own.

​I love to cook, travel, and play with my dogs. My deep enjoyment of the creative process stems from the films and music I enjoy, the food I cook, and the work I do.

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